Intelligence as a product is the result obtained by subjecting data, information and knowledge to an intellectual process that turns them into reports suitable to meet needs. For strategy, operations and tactics.

Intelligence Analysis Private Investigation Security Consultant "We obtain and process information, offering products from intelligence for multiple sectors. For decision-making by organizations and institutions to support the expansion of capacities and achieve strategic advantage "

Lowthe most complex scenarios and under strict confidentiality.

We classify
We evaluate
We integrate
  We interpret  
Infrastructure for the analysis of Intelligence / Counterintelligence, service and equipment measures Intelligence units (HUMINT / OSINT) Procedures and behavior in hostile, conflict and high-risk environments Action in cases of kidnapping Special units of action in defense or in the Forces and State Security Bodies


You will have the competitive advantage in the development and expansion of your business, both within and outside its borders.
It is important to know how to face a situation, observe the threats to our organization. Services and training for organizations and companies in the private and public security sector.

Within this department we have experts in the field. 

We have private detective agencies, specialized in providing intelligence and investigation services to individuals, lawyers, companies, insurance companies and mutuals, complying with the premises of: