Agloss | Research

A-Gloss (Agency of Global Security Services) aims to carry out national and international security investigations, providing analysis for decision-making processes A-Gloss’ agenda includes Africa, Latin America, Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Chechnya, among others, providing security and intelligence on ongoing conflicts and terrorism.

International policies are proposed in security, defense and counterterrorism, incident management in complex environments, conflict resolution, psycho-criminological contributions of criminal capacity of the actors involved. The demographics of the population, history as background, politics, among other aspects, are studied to understand the course of conflicts and terrorist actions and future predisposition.

A-Gloss not only covers terrorism, it also conducts investigations in the field of criminology and the penitentiary, providing analysis on criminal behavior and explaining why criminal behavior acts.



A-Gloss (Agency of Global Security Services) is an organization with non-partisan, non-ideological investigative members. Conflict analysis and understanding is sought through comprehensive and approachable research and analysis. A-Gloss research will be made available to the general public, academics and professionals in the sector, members of the security forces, the military, etc.

The A-Gloss research methodology is based on primary and secondary sources, allowing a holistic view of the situation and area under investigation. The methodology guarantees the commitment to improve the strategic capacity on criminal and terrorist behaviors.

Data will be collected and analyzed identifying the trend of conflict per country, evaluating security, the socio-political situation to implement adequate criminological strategies and policies. It must be taken into account that, given the variability of risk factors, the social, geographic and demographic context to be studied, the explanations of the behaviors tend to vary. A criminological diagnosis is made in order to explain why a person is a criminal, taking into account endogenous and exogenous factors; a prognosis, such as the possibility that a subject has of being dangerous or not; and, a treatment aimed at enabling a criminal subject to live in society respecting all its principles and values.



The A-Gloss research team is multidisciplinary and adheres to the following principles:

  • Nonpartisan. It is strictly non-partisan or ideologically oriented. Neutrality and objectivity are investigated in order to avoid biases, so that we are dealing with non-flawed investigations. The investigative members at no time advocate a specific ideology and legislation, they only limit themselves to analyzing the existing one. It is not intended to promote political ideologies or legislative interests.
  • Integrity. The investigative members of A-Gloss act under strict integrity, informing on the real events in the different fields in which their research projects oscillate – criminal, psychological, prison, terrorism and intelligence. The function of the tesearch projects is to generate credibility and value to what is investigated.