Agloss | Intelligence

Intelligence as a product is the result obtained by subjecting data, information and knowledge to an intellectual process that turns them into reports appropriate to our customer´s needs.





We gather and process information, offering intelligence products for multiple sectors. Decision-making solutions for government and private organizations and institutions, improving and expanding our customer´s capacities in order to achieve strategic advantages in complex scenarios and under strict confidentiality.

  • Intelligence as an input for the development of strategies, operations and tactics.
  • Intelligence Analysis.
  • Private Investigation Security Consultancy
  • Service and equipment measures for intelligence units (HUMINT / OSINT)
  • HUMINT (Human Intelligence)
  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)
  • Infrastructure for Intelligence / Counterintelligence analysis
  • Procedures and behavior in hostile, conflictive, and high-risk environments
  • Action in kidnapping cases

Units of action in defense or in the bodies of state security