Agloss | Emergencies

Agloss | Emergencies

Our professionals are trained for rapid response in emergencies, interventions in stressful situations, attending the injured, resolution of emergency situations. Intervention and protection of unsafe areas, provision of knowledge for the development of techniques in dangerous situations.

  • Risk analysis and prevention
  • Rescue
  • Health Emergencies
  • Military and Police Health Protocols
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • First Intervener
  • Protocols for Indiscriminate Attacks

International Training in Costa Rica based on our Collaboration Agreement with the Lared Academy, a referent in the Emergency Sector. Training and International Formation.

First class facilities to carry out Tactical/Operational Courses, and Emergency Health.

  • International Security and Protection
  • Tactical Operational Intervention
  • Intervention Protocols, Operational Defense and Tactical Procedures
  • Obtaining Tactical and Operational Intelligence
  • Decision Making and Security
  • Security and Corporate Intelligence
  • Conflict Resolution in Risk Areas
  • International Active Shooter Course
  • Protocol A.V.A. (Violent Armed Attacks)
  • Operational Training in Hostile Environments
  • Scenario Development
  • High Level Protection
  • Possibilities of International University Certification
  • Ad hoc training for Public and Private Organizations
  • Training of International Instructors and Operators
  • Massive Bleeding Control
  • Advanced Management of the Polytraumatized Patient
  • K9 Search and Rescue in Collapsed Structures
  • Search and Rescue Course for Emergency Brigades