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Security Services

Our experience and specialty is focused on crisis resolution and risk management through the application of the latest and most modern intelligence and counterintelligence techniques, comprehensive security and protection procedures. With the development of ad hoc strategies for countries, companies, citizens and other institutions, including design, consultancy, permanent support, on-site operations, equipment, protocols, development and training in culture of safety consistent with the times we live, in addition to training in all aspects that include the resolution of high-risk global conflicts, providing and executing comprehensive security strategies including the presence in global crisis scenarios, in various regions of the world.

With extensive and recognized international track record, our scope of action includes all the components that comprise Security, Intelligence and Defense, both at the level of the rapid, intelligent and effective resolution of severe crises, accompanied, if necessary, by on-site operations (ground troops) focused on the quick and effective resolution of conflicts of national, international and regional scope, developing and executing proactive defense strategies and response to threats and attacks, anticipating the present and future needs of our global clients in a proactive, reactive manner, efficient, professional, responsible and based on a high level of specialization in each discipline.

Our organization is an active part of various institutions specialized in Security and Defense, among which we can mention:

  • We serve global clients and markets by meeting their expectations and improving their skills and resources to minimize their risks in dynamic and complex environments.
  • Our experience and performance includes various scenarios, in particular Latin America, Africa and Europe where we have designed security activities, consulting, cooperation, actions focused on peace and international development.
  • We are at your service to provide you with various services in the areas of Comprehensive Security (Public and private), Defense, Intelligence and Cybersecurity. For more information contact us