Consulting companies are professional services companies that advise companies and governments in the different areas of specialization that are necessary for their proper administration.
The appearance of some factors can occur quickly and have a broad and irreversible impact. Our approach is based on the commitment to achieve measurable and sustainable results, it can help you in the process of adapting to change and obtaining the desired success even in uncertain environments.
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  • The dimension of risks and their Global Management.
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" Conoce a tu enemigo y conócete a ti mismo, y saldrás triunfador en mil batallas ."


Training and services

Port facilities are primarily confluence points serving maritime and land transportation. There must be maritime protection for trade to flow effectively, the connections between ships, ports and people have to be secure.
Carrying out port protection plans, isa as the integral security of any center or institution in the sector.
Audits Risk Management 
Crisis Management and Business 
Continuity Reliability Studies International Security


Maritime safety refers to the protection of life and property through the development of regulation, management and technology of all forms of transport by water, not just sea.
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  • Safety protocols
  • Protection 
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